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1. Flavorite Cookware2. Seal-O-Matic Cookware3. FLASH Cookware Cleaner and Special Sale on 1 1/2 Qt Multi-ply Stainless Steel Pan4. Unimatic Coffee Pot5. Future Craft Cookware and REPLACEMENT HANDLES AND KNOBS for Cook-O-Matic, Wonder Ware, SealRite, Cordon Bleu, Camelot, Society, Thermo-Core, HomeEc, and more!


Sorry, we do not have any Seal-O-Matic SETS left in inventory,
but we do have some individual pieces.
And of course....we do still have replacement handles and knobs available!
Seal-O-Matic Cookware
Stainless Steel Cookware
Manufactured in the USA
Lifetime Guarantee
Multi-core construction
Gentle, even heat distribution
Durable, heat-resistant handles and cover knobs
"Water Seal", weighted covers,
with Temp-Tone valves for waterless cooking
See special Sale